Goodemote Physical Therapy


Some Exercises we Use to Help People Feel Good Again

Cervical Retraction

Always start by sitting back fully in the chair with back comfortably resting against the back of the chair.

With control, slowly lean your chest and shoulders back without straining the neck. 

*Imagine someone is trying to kiss you that you don't want to kiss and pull back away keeping your eyes forward*

Hold 1-2 seconds and return to neutral.


Press Ups

Lying on your stomach with your hands level with your shoulders.

Use your arms and upper back to push your chest up util your arms are fully extended. Allow the lower half of your body to stay as relaxed as possible. 

It is important to extend the arms fully so the elbows are locked out. 

Take a deep breath...exhale...and allow yourself to relax fully into the position.



Overhead Stretching

Start by interlacing fingers with palms facing the floor.

Bring arms over head and stretch/reach to the sky and look up at hands. Pause for 2-3 seconds.

Next keeping your eyes looking to the sky...slowly lower arms to your sides. 

Bring your gaze down without moving your torso. This keeps your breast bone "up" 

Finally relax your shoulders SLIGHTLY...and maintain a tall posture.

Back Bends

Lumbar Extension In Standing

Standing with feet about shoulder width apart and hands in the small of lower back.

Slowly bend backwards as far as possible without forcing the movement. 

This is a movement not a stretch so go as far as possible but stay only 1-2 seconds.